Do you ever feel like a total freak? Do you harbor a secret fear that if you were to show your true self, you would be rejected by the world? I’ve had this fear all of my life and I’ve never felt even close to being “normal.” While I’ve always been pretty “out there” and shown many of my true colors, even I haven’t been 100% authentic, especially in venues where I am supposed to show my “doctor” side. And then an amazing thing happened one day. I discovered that if I allowed myself to be 100% true and authentic, AMAZING things start to happen. Not only did people love and accept me even MORE, but me being authentic gave permission to the people around me to be authentic. And then THEIR lives started changing as well! A beautiful snowball effect of freak energy!

So, here’s my little secret to living a happy life: LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY! (Thanks, Dr. Fratila.)

“It is better to fail at being you, than to succeed at being someone else.”

– Jeannie O’Neill, Yoga Farm

Please watch this enlightening and heart-warming video by our psychiatrist, Dr. Jennifer Giordano that explains what it means to be weird and how to live fully!