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“Where you stumble and fall, there you will find gold.” – Joseph Campbell

How to Safely Taper Psychiatric Medications

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Unfortunately, most people will fail the first time they try to stop their psychiatric medications. Millions of people are stuck on psych meds and 99% of doctors have NO IDEA how to help patients stop them safely. If not done properly, trying to stop psych meds can cause very severe withdrawal symptoms. Here are 6 common mistakes that people make when tapering their psych meds: Quitting cold turkey. This is the WORST mistake and can [...]

Psychiatrist Changes Her Ways – Psychology Is Podcast

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I prescribed psychiatric drugs to human beings and told them that they had a chemical imbalance. And I am profoundly sorry for that mistake. I have since awakened to the truth of the dangers of psychiatric drugs and the chemical imbalance myth and no longer prescribe them. I now have the privilege and honor of helping thousands of people safely come of these drugs. A few months ago, I apologized publicly to everyone in a [...]

I Attempted Suicide After Starting Prozac

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At the age of 15, I was started on Prozac for anxiety and panic attacks. Two weeks later, I attempted suicide. I have never shared this story with anyone. Before starting Prozac, I had never in my life had a suicidal thought. Luckily, I survived that attempt. But many other people haven't been so lucky. We have known for many years that SSRIs like Prozac cause suicidal thoughts and increase the risk for suicide. It's [...]

Farewell, Dani

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Friends of Free Range, the time has come for me spread my wings and fly my own way.  In the early days of 2020, I googled holistic psychiatry. That simple search led me to an interesting practice called Free Range Psychiatry. This started an internship with Free Range that ended up becoming a life-changing experience. Since then, I have become our Cosmic Coordinator, which is a fun word for practice manager, volunteer coordinator, content creator, [...]

Get Dirty (for your health)

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Y’all, I love dirt. I find it oddly comforting and grounding (pun intended). Not to mention the fact that the earth has tons of healing properties. A number of these come from the microbes that live in dirt, and others come from simply being in contact with the earth. Basically, it’s looking like having a bit of time in the dirt can do all of us some good. Here are my top reasons why. Strengthens [...]

How I Became a Psychiatrist Who Doesn’t Prescribe Medications

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My first experience in psychiatry was actually as a psychiatric technician at a state psychiatric hospital. I worked on a unit with extremely acute and many times agitated patients. As a psych tech, I spent a lot of time one on one with my patients and really got to know them well. I would see the psychiatrist come by for maybe 30 seconds to a minute and ask a few questions and then make a [...]


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