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“Where you stumble and fall, there you will find gold.” – Joseph Campbell

We Have a Holistic Health Coach!

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We are so excited to announce that Free Range’s beloved Cosmic Coordinator, Dani Dunayczan (that’s me), is stepping into a new role as our very own Holistic Health Coach! A key part of our mission at Free Range is to empower our patients to heal themselves, and that is exactly the role of a holistic health coach. The coaching process is designed to provide dedicated support as you learn to make powerful shifts in all [...]

We Get You

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A few weeks ago, I had my first viral video on TikTok. It was amazing to suddenly have so many followers overnight, and it started out with a huge positive response. However, after some other TikTokers posted hostile responses to my videos, I experienced the online version of a witch hunt. An angry virtual mob came at me, taunting me and making threats to have my medical license taken away. As I read through the [...]

PSYCHIATRIA – Power of Intention with Elena Tuskenis, MD

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Most of us are familiar with the idea of intention. You’ve probably heard about setting an intention for the day or for a yoga class, or maybe you’ve learned about the importance of having a clear intention when entering certain situations. As Elena shares in this conversation, many of us were initially exposed to the idea of sending intentions to other people in religious contexts, primarily through prayer. However you’ve heard of it, I bet [...]

Drugged: How Psychiatry Does More Harm Than Good

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Most Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness and many will be prescribed a psychiatric medication. We are supposedly identifying and treating more and more mental illness, yet suicide rates and disability continue to rise. If medications are the cure for mental illness, why aren’t we getting better? The answer is staring us in the face. We don’t need more psychiatry or more medications, we need less. We need to start acknowledging and addressing [...]

Join a Radical Healing Movement

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead Are you like I used to be? Do you feel stuck prescribing endless medications to people who rarely get much better and suffer from horrible side effects? Do you have a small voice inside you that is telling you that there has to be another way? That voice is [...]

PSYCHIATRIA – Hypnotherapy 101 with Liz Burkholder, RMHNP, FNP

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Hypnotherapy is one of those things that I originally didn’t give much credit to. Before I learned about it or experienced it, I thought it would be like “talk therapy lite”. I imagined some sort of guided meditation followed by typical talk therapy stuff. However, hypnotherapy is actually way more interesting than this. The part of hypnotherapy that most of us are familiar with is the “trance state”. As Liz describes, it is perfectly natural [...]


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