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“Where you stumble and fall, there you will find gold.” – Joseph Campbell

How I Founded a Non-Profit and Had My Student Loans Forgiven

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Watch my interview on the Naturopathic Business Podcast where I talk about my journey of leaving traditional psychiatry to create a holistic non-profit practice. Discover how I managed to have my student loans worth over half a million dollars forgiven in the process. Don't miss out on this fascinating discussion hosted by Dr. Mike Gonzales. 

Dr. Campbell on the Alternative to Meds Podcast

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In my recent podcast interview, I spoke with Debbie Nelson from Alternative to Meds Center. Their residential facility offers specialized services for individuals looking to withdraw from psychiatric medications and explore holistic approaches to mental health. Their unique philosophy prioritizes a well-rounded, interconnected approach to understanding and promoting overall well-being. During our conversation, we explored various alternative treatments and therapies that can be used to support mental health without the use of medication. Join us [...]

Are You Ready to Get Off the Medication Merry-go-round?

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Psychiatric medications can lead to a physiological dependence that causes torturous and horrendous withdrawal symptoms - an experience that countless people describe as the worst of their lives. It's critical to understand that these symptoms can masquerade as the original illness or distress, making the process even more challenging. I recently had  a powerful conversation about psychiatric medications with Michelle Reittinger from My Upside of Down.  We dove into the world of holistic psychiatry, discussed [...]

Dr. Kendra Campbell Blows the Whistle on Psychiatry

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What a pleasure it was to spill the beans about mainstream psychiatry with Caitlin Pyle from the Missdiagnosed Podcast! Episode Notes: Dr. Kendra Campbell is a board-certified psychiatrist with a wealth of experience in mainstream psychiatry -- and she lived to tell about it! In this bombshell interview with Dr. Campbell, you'll get an inside look at the industry of psychiatry from the perspective of a psychiatrist. Now practicing as a holistic psychiatrist through her [...]

The Dirty Little Secret About Antidepressants

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If you’re reading this right now, it’s meant for you or a loved one and this could save someone’s life, so please keep reading. Here’s the dirty little secret that doctors don’t want you to know: If people knew the actual risks of taking antidepressants, no one would EVER agree to take them. Millions of people are taking an antidepressant, including toddlers and the elderly even though the risks associated with taking them almost always [...]

Antidepressants Are Turning Millions Into Zombie Robots

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From multiple huge studies, we know that antidepressants don’t work any better than sugar pills for treating depression. However, unlike sugar pills, they rob people of the very emotions that make them human. Millions of people are currently taking an antidepressant believing that it’s treating their anxiety, depression or pain. The truth is that antidepressants don’t actually treat anything, but they do prevent people from having the emotional experiences associated with being an alive human [...]


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