What a pleasure it was to spill the beans about mainstream psychiatry with Caitlin Pyle from the Missdiagnosed Podcast!

Episode Notes:

Dr. Kendra Campbell is a board-certified psychiatrist with a wealth of experience in mainstream psychiatry — and she lived to tell about it! In this bombshell interview with Dr. Campbell, you’ll get an inside look at the industry of psychiatry from the perspective of a psychiatrist. Now practicing as a holistic psychiatrist through her non-profit organization, Free Range Psychiatry, Dr. Campbell helps people safely taper off their psych meds to heal their mental illness symptoms naturally, from the inside out.

Your jaw will drop multiple times throughout this episode! Dr. Campbell has been there and done that, too, having been on her own share of psychiatric meds and having fully recovered from mental illness. She has a wonderfully bubbly personality that will make you smile.