Do you feel overwhelmed and disconnected from yourself and the world? Have you been having pandemic panic attacks? Over the past year, we have faced unprecedented levels of social isolation, anxiety and stress.

What if there was someone who could help?

And what if that someone has lived inside you, all along?

We’d like to introduce you to your inner GURU. Guru is a Sanskrit word for teacher or guide and it literally means “dispeller of darkness.” 

In this one hour virtual retreat on intuitive mindfulness, you will learn how to turn gently inward to access the beauty and wisdom within yourself. We will help you find acceptance, relaxation, and peace

Your inner guru is waiting to meet you. All you have to do is listen.

The retreat is led by holistic psychiatrist, Dr. Jennifer Giordano who specializes in using medication alternatives to treat mental health issues. 

Join us on Saturday, April 10th at 2:00 PM EST for this life-changing event.

Free Range Psychiatry is a non-profit organization and this retreat is being offered FREE from our hearts to yours. However, we kindly accept donations which are fully tax deductible.

Seats are limited so reserve yours today!