I start each episode by welcoming you to a conversation about soul healing and everything that might mean. There is a lot that this might mean. I’ve had conversations about everything from deeply rooted psychological trauma to the benefits of acupuncture. One thing that almost all of the modalities I’ve discussed have in common is that they each involve some sort of healer. Many of the people I’ve talked to and likely will talk to on this show are healers in one way or another. However, I’ve yet to talk about how those healers got where they are. I think this podcast would be sorely lacking if we did not speak more about those stories.

I don’t think it’s a secret, even to those of us who have not experienced it, that the medical school and residency doctors have to go through before they can practice is a pretty brutal undertaking. They dedicate a hugely significant part of their life, blood, sweat, and tears to earn that coveted suffix. Much of the process asks them to put their own health and wellbeing second to their chosen path. I’ve come to realize that the system is trying to train doctors to treat humans, but the system does not treat doctors like humans. 

Even with this realization, I’m left with so many questions. In this day and age where our healers are trained in a broken system, where they don’t come from our village or community or family, where they have learned from a lot of books but not a lot of souls, how do we heal? What does this mean for those who are choosing to walk this path? Most of all, what does it mean to try to heal, both oneself and those seeking help from you, within a system that is so broken?

In this conversation with Dr. Z, we talk about her journey to and through medical school, and her eventual decision to leave the system altogether. We discuss the things she has observed and learned along the way, and how we might adopt a new perspective for the future. Her story brings up so many interesting points and ideas, and gives us a framework to talk about what it can be to try to heal within a broken system. 

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