My first instinct was to refer to this second part of my conversation with Dr. Brandon Yuenger as “the spiritual part”, but once I felt those words I immediately knew they weren’t accurate. This whole story is spiritual, this is just the part where we talk about it.

In this episode, Brandon shares how he began to understand energy as a force that can teach us and be influenced by us. He started to notice certain sensations and visuals that couldn’t be understood with a western mindset. Really, he was simply gaining an awareness of things that had been there all along. When he was exposed to shamanic teachings and eventually decided to do the training himself, all the pieces started to fit together. Now, he had a framework and vocabulary to describe what he had been experiencing.

As he began incorporating more and more spiritual and less and less tangible modalities, Brandon noticed that his clients began to improve more, and faster. We are indeed spiritual beings in an earthly body. This means that we can heal the body with the spirit. By getting in touch with the energetic underpinnings of our pain, we can explore where it comes from, and what we need to give ourselves in order to heal.

He didn’t believe inherently that all these woo-woo things worked. He believed that they were showing up to him for a reason, and had the curiosity to find out why. Only AFTER he began to try it out on himself and his clients did he see how much it could be used to help people, even those struggling with what seemed to be purely physical ailments.

I find it truly incredible how the universe can work through us in these ways. Most of the time, we don’t even know what is happening. However, my favorite part is that we really don’t need to – the universe is gonna do its thing regardless of how well we understand what’s going on.

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