Hypnotherapy is one of those things that I originally didn’t give much credit to. Before I learned about it or experienced it, I thought it would be like “talk therapy lite”. I imagined some sort of guided meditation followed by typical talk therapy stuff. However, hypnotherapy is actually way more interesting than this.

The part of hypnotherapy that most of us are familiar with is the “trance state”. As Liz describes, it is perfectly natural for humans to go in and out of trance states all day long. Most of us have experienced “highway hypnosis”, or have gotten really into a book and lost track of time and place for a while. Hypnotherapy uses this state of mind to help us access traumas, beliefs, memories, and more that are stored in our subconscious. It’s easier to access emotions and identify sensations in the body when in this state. We are less distracted by our conscious mind and the ego. 

My personal experience with hypnotherapy was fascinating. I have a pretty active mind and I’ve always thought that the hypnotic state was inaccessible to me. I imagined that my mind would just think its way out of whatever suggestion was being made. Perhaps, this experience was different because I wanted to find this state, but it was effortless to enter into this hypnotic, trance, deep meditative state. I never lost awareness of my surroundings or control of myself. I found it easy to communicate with Liz during the session, but also was not distracted by my surroundings. I was focused and relaxed.

I’ve tried many different modalities and learned about even more through this podcast. Some modalities designed to help with trauma can be scary and leave you feeling raw. I can say with full confidence that I felt safer during hypnotherapy than during any other therapy I’ve experienced. The resourcing and guidance involved were paramount to this. I was able to find myself back at past memories that previously were very triggering or challenging to visit. A key part of the process is bringing the resources with you as you journey through your emotions, allowing you feel the feelings, both of the present and the past, perhaps at the time that the root of the belief.

One of the other things that have stuck with me about hypnotherapy is the positivity of the whole experience. Throughout the whole thing, you are being reminded that you are not alone in this journey. Yes, the initial memories and traumas were so hard, but this time you are going back with the presence of your resources and the hypnotherapist. As with any process that digs deep, it is draining, but not challenging or difficult in any way. I found it very easy to sink into the process.

Hypnotherapy gives us a safe container to process the roots of our issues and anchor in new beliefs that better serve us. It’s about getting to the core and addressing what lies there. We can learn all the coping skills we want, but if we don’t address the part of ourselves that holds this belief, and discover that there is a different way, we won’t find true growth.

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