Most of us are familiar with the idea of intention. You’ve probably heard about setting an intention for the day or for a yoga class, or maybe you’ve learned about the importance of having a clear intention when entering certain situations. As Elena shares in this conversation, many of us were initially exposed to the idea of sending intentions to other people in religious contexts, primarily through prayer. However you’ve heard of it, I bet that most of you aren’t aware of the full power of intention.

In this conversation with Elena Tuskenis, we talk all about this very concept. There are a number of ways that intention can have massive impacts in the world, well beyond sending “well wishes”. We can use our thoughts and our imagination to visualize an outcome for someone else (or ourselves) and see actual measurable differences in their lives. When we engage in this as an intender, we also experience noticeable positive changes in our own lives. There doesn’t even need to be some kind of connection between the receivers and the intenders – they don’t even have to know each other. But this isn’t the best part. When we engage in this practice as a group, these positive effects amplify for every person involved.

I’m just fascinated by this concept. Most of us are aware of the power of our thoughts. We know how much it can affect our day if we wake up with negative thoughts in our minds or a general grumpy attitude. We also know how powerful a small, happy thing, like seeing a mama and her ducklings make it safely across the road, can be for our attitude. I don’t think this practice of intending and receiving intention is all that different – we are simply putting the power of our thoughts to work.

To learn more about all of this intention magic, tune in! We go into detail on all of the aspects I’ve mentioned here and give some fascinating examples of how this has actually worked in the world. ​​You can find this episode of Psychiatria and all the others on your podcatcher of choice, embedded below, or at the links HERE. If you’ve already listened – What did you think? Any questions, comments, or feedback are welcome! Email me at [email protected]. Want to keep up with the show and get a heads up on new episodes? Find me on Instagram (@PsychiatriaPodcast). I can’t wait to hear from you! Stay curious, dear listeners.

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