I prescribed psychiatric drugs to human beings and told them that they had a chemical imbalance. And I am profoundly sorry for that mistake. I have since awakened to the truth of the dangers of psychiatric drugs and the chemical imbalance myth and no longer prescribe them. I now have the privilege and honor of helping thousands of people safely come of these drugs.

A few months ago, I apologized publicly to everyone in a TikTok video for my previous participation in the systematic harming of human beings. That video went viral and has now been shared widely.

I discussed my public apology in a recent interview with Nick Fortino on the Psychology Is Podcast.

Dr. Kendra Campbell is bold, brilliant, and honest. A traditionally trained psychiatrist, Dr. Campbell recognized the irreconcilable flaws at the core of modern psychiatry–the invalidity of its diagnoses, its bogus chemical imbalance theory, and the harmful nature of its treatments–and changed her ways. In the most admirable fashion, she takes responsibility for misleading patients about the nature of their conditions, and for prescribing the wrong treatment. Dr. Campbell now offers a multi-faceted, whole-person based treatment protocol that does not include drugs. She also specializes in guiding people through the process of drug withdrawal.