As a mama who is also a holistic psychiatrist, it’s super important to me to make sure that my little ones are getting all the right vitamins and nutrients in their diets. Although I manage to feed my kids a pretty healthy, plant-based diet, I know that it’s still wise to give them a daily multivitamin with Omega 3’s. For my 2 year old daughter, I absolutely love Smarty Pants Toddler Formula Gummies with Probiotics. They have the perfect balance of vitamins and contain methylated Vitamin B12 and folate (which is super important!). They are completely organic and now also include probiotics! My toddler enjoys eating them every morning and (at least for now!) thinks that she is getting a special treat.

For my 8 month old son, I use the Smarty Pants Baby Multi and DHA Liquid Vitamin, which also contains a perfect balance of all the right ingredients and can be easily added to his oatmeal every morning.

Thank you, Smarty Pants, for making my life as a mama and a holistic psychiatrist that much easier!