If you’re reading this right now, it’s meant for you or a loved one and this could save someone’s life, so please keep reading.

Here’s the dirty little secret that doctors don’t want you to know:

If people knew the actual risks of taking antidepressants, no one would EVER agree to take them.

Millions of people are taking an antidepressant, including toddlers and the elderly even though the risks associated with taking them almost always always outweigh any potential benefit.

I’ve been a psychiatrist for over a decade and I have seen thousands of people lose their lives to these drugs.

What people don’t know is that once you start taking an antidepressant, you can end up becoming so dependent upon them that you are trapped on them for life even though they aren’t even helping.

Just like someone with an opioid addiction to needs to take methadone for life so that they don’t go into withdrawal, the same thing happens with antidepressants.

And actually, getting off things like heroin and opioids is a walk in the park compared to getting off antidepressants. I’ve worked in a detox and it was nothing compared to what I have seen helping people get off antidepressants.

I have a patient right now who developed something called withdrawal akathisia after tapering off an SSRI. She experiences paralyzing anxiety, feeling like she is jumping out of her skin, pain, tremors body jerks and skin burning all because she did what she was told and took the medications as prescribed by her doctors.

The problem is that re-starting the drug often does not stop the akathisia once it starts and it can even make it worse. Thousands of people are ending their lives because of withdrawal akathisia from antidepressants and other psych drugs.

If you knew that this could happen to you – as well as permanent movement disorders, total genital anesthesia, the inability to ever experience emotions again, glaucoma, diabetes, infertility, neuropathy, your teeth falling out and much more would you agree to take these drugs?

What if you knew that all mental health issues can be treated by addressing the root cause instead and that this comes with zero side effects? Which option would you choose?

Doctors should be explaining all of these options to patients. This is called informed consent. But the sad truth is that if they did, NO ONE would ever agree to take them.

Please share this information with anyone who is considering starting an antidepressant. All of these risks should be weighed against any potential benefit and if a doctor is not explaining this and offering treatment as an alternative to drugs, it would be wise to get a second opinion.

If you or a loved one are interested in treating the root cause of your mental health symptoms or are struggling with safely getting off of psychiatric drugs, please know that help is available. You can book a free discovery call with us you’re looking for expert help.