Not much is as inspiring to me than when a person works to help themselves. Even more than when they try to help someone else…. to truly do the work and be there for themselves… to sort themselves out so that they aren’t suffering… that to me is truly supreme. More than trying to help someone else… to help oneself is, I feel, the essential gift one can give to others around them.

The scariest person to face is ourselves. To have to admit to that which we have done, not done, what we are and are not .. that takes tremendous humility and courage.

We can be so compassionate and giving to others, but what I often find, when it comes to ourselves, we can be pretty darn stingy.

I’m grateful to the people I get to meet each day in this role as a holistic psychiatrist that show their courage, willingness, and dedication to their own life. For their inspiration and beauty, I’m grateful.

I have limited space for new clients right now who are ready to face themselves with courage, compassion and dedication. If you are ready, book a free discovery call with me to get started.