Having one-on-one support from a mental health professional is excellent and a resource that has so many benefits. In fact, much of our practice here at Free Range Psychiatry revolves around the interactions directly between our psychiatrists and their patients and we know how valuable this is. However, we think that there is so much more to the healing process than this one-to-one relationship. 

There are some things that a single professional cannot provide – the understanding, experiences, and perspectives of multiple people. Conversing with other humans who all hold a shared experience is something really special. A group like this can provide comfort and support in ways that others cannot. It is for this reason that we have been so jazzed about our support groups since we launched them in July 2021.

Even though the benefits of support groups are quite intuitive, there is actually a large body of research out there that shows that support groups can be very effective as treatment for people struggling with mental health symptoms. There is a certain power in just spending intentional time with a group of people who know what you are going through, but there are also a number of more tangible benefits. You can gain a new perspective on your situation, you can learn new tools for coping, and you can even make some new friends who understand. Support groups are also designed to be a safe and strictly confidential space where you can share about your experiences without being judged or receiving unwanted advice.

On top of all of this, we know that helping others is a really powerful way of helping yourself. A study from last year showed that acting prosocially (e.g. helping others in ways big or small) can have a significant positive impact on your own well-being. You might not have thought of this, but by simply showing up to a support group, you are acting prosocially towards the other people in the group. With your presence, you are saying, “I care enough about this topic and the people here to give my time and attention, and I trust them enough to share my story.” That might seem small, but it’s actually a pretty big deal. By simply being present in a support group, you are providing a benefit to others and also helping yourself in some pretty incredible ways.

Now that I’ve (hopefully) convinced you that support groups are the next best thing in your life, why should you choose FRP Support Groups? For one, we understand all of the above benefits and do our best to showcase them. More uniquely, our groups are led by qualified professionals – Registered Dieticians, Holistic Psychiatrists, and Holistic Nurse Practitioners. They are experts in their field AND have first-hand lived experience with the topics of their groups. If you’ve had any other experiences with support groups, you know this is a pretty rare quality.

Our groups are designed to, first and foremost, connect you with other humans who have a shared experience. Second to that, we aim to provide top notch information and tools relevant to the group, and empower you to ask questions and seek what you need in your life. So, why try to go it alone or stick with a single mental health professional when you can easily join a group that will add to your support network, teach you new things, and provide a consistently safe space for you to exist?

Are you ready to take the next step on your healing journey?


We are currently offering UNLIMITED ACCESS to ALL of our support groups for only $15/month! This is a limited time offer and won’t be around for long. Our groups are open to anyone and everyone age 18 and older. You do NOT have to be a Free Range Psychiatry patient to join! We welcome all humans who are interested in growth and healing.

Have questions? Send us an email to [email protected]

We can’t wait to get group-y with you!