Services and Fees

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell


Free Phone Consultation

Discovery Call

15 minutes     

🌿 Unlock the Power of Holistic Healing 🌿

Join a private consultation with a renowned Holistic Psychiatrist to explore our innovative holistic treatment options. Delve into a world of cutting-edge approaches tailored to elevate your well-being and unlock your full potential.

🌟 Personalized Guidance for Your Wellness Journey 🌟

During this exclusive call, you will gain insights on how our holistic treatments can guide you towards optimal health and happiness. Discover firsthand the transformative impact our tailored approach can have on your overall well-being.

Ready to embark on a journey towards holistic wellness? Schedule your private call today and take the first step towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.


Holistic Psychiatric Consultation

90 minutes     

🌿 Your Personalized Healing Journey Begins Here 🌿

As you embark on your journey as an esteemed Free Range client, our first appointment delves deep into every facet of your well-being. Together, we will explore your medical history, medications, dietary habits, past traumas, relationships, and spiritual or energetic elements. This holistic approach allows us to understand what has been effective, the challenges you face, your aspirations, and the vision you hold for your future.

🔍 Comprehensive Evaluation, Tailored Guidance 🔍

During our initial 60-minute Zoom session, we will engage face-to-face to familiarize ourselves with your unique story, address your requirements, and outline a personalized plan to guide your healing process. Following our meeting, an additional dedicated 30 minutes will be spent off-session meticulously reviewing your history and prior records to craft a detailed Healing Plan specific to your needs. This plan may encompass recommendations for laboratory tests, imaging, medication adjustments, psychotherapy, supplements, nutritional guidance, exercise regimens, meditation practices, and other holistic interventions.

Empowering Your Wellness, Step by Step

Our commitment is to provide you with a roadmap tailored to your individual journey towards well-being. Every step of the way, we offer precise instructions and support to navigate your path to healing, ensuring you feel empowered and informed throughout the process.

Ready to embark on a transformative healing experience? Schedule your first appointment with us to begin your personalized healing journey today.


Follow-up Sessions

Progress Session

50 minutes     

🌿 Schedule Your Progress Session for Continued Support 🌿

Reconnect with us by booking your Progress Session to evaluate your response to the Healing Plan together. Share insights on changes in your health, happiness, and overall well-being, and receive tailored solutions to address your questions and concerns. During this session, we may review test results, provide psychotherapy sessions, and recommend additional holistic treatments to support your journey.

📈 Personalized Updates and Solutions for Your Well-Being 📈

Engage in a collaborative session where we assess your progress and make necessary adjustments to your Healing Plan. Benefit from updated recommendations and a customized approach to further enhance your health and happiness.

Ready to continue your healing journey with us? Secure your Progress Session now to receive personalized support and insights geared towards your well-being.


Focus Session

25 minutes     

🌟 Specialized Check-in Session 🌟

Opt for this brief and hyper-focused check-in only if recommended by a Free Range Physician. Typically, a Progress or Extended Session offers comprehensive support, but this specialized option is designed for specific cases requiring concise attention.

Ready to schedule your focused check-in? Choose this option as advised for a targeted and efficient review of your progress.


Health Coaching

Health Coaching Discovery Session

30 minutes     

🌿 Dive into holistic wellness in a 30-minute Zoom session with our Free Range health coach.
🌟 Discover if our personalized guidance is the right fit for your well-being journey. Ready to explore together? Book your session now! 🌿💫

Health Coaching Session

50 minutes     

🌿 Deepen Your Wellness with Personalized Health Coaching 🌿

Embark on a transformative journey during your personalized health coaching session with a Free Range holistic health coach. Benefit from dedicated guidance tailored to help you seamlessly implement your Healing Plan, uncover effective solutions to overcome obstacles, celebrate milestones, and glean valuable insights from your experiences. Through regular one-on-one support from an experienced expert, you’ll find a powerful accountability partner to keep you on course toward achieving your wellness aspirations.

🌱 Tailored Guidance and Accountability for Holistic Growth 🌱

Engage in a collaborative experience where we work together to navigate your wellness path, address challenges, and celebrate successes. Receive personalized recommendations, insights, and a customized approach designed to enhance your overall well-being. Please note that a prerequisite for embarking on this enriching health coaching journey is to have completed a Holistic Psychiatric Consultation. Are you ready to take the next step towards holistic wellness? Schedule your personalized health coaching session today to embark on a journey of growth and transformation.


Concierge Services

Urgent Care Service


🕰️ Urgent Care Service at Your Fingertips 🕰️

If you require immediate attention and seek to be seen within 24 hours, our Urgent Care Service is tailored for you. We prioritize addressing your pressing concerns promptly.

Immediate Assistance, Personalized Care

Please note that opting for our Urgent Care Service does not automatically enroll you in our concierge program. You will not have access to a private Voxer chat with your psychiatrist. All services provided under this option will be billed at the rate of $1,500 per hour.

🏥 Swift Solutions for Urgent Needs 🏥

Receive dedicated support and prompt resolution for your urgent needs with our specialized Urgent Care Service. Rest assured, your concerns will be attended to promptly and professionally at the designated rate.

Ready to receive immediate care? Book us now to schedule your appointment and experience our swift, high-quality service firsthand.


Free Range Concierge Program


🌟 Introducing Our Exclusive Free Range Concierge Program 🌟

At Free Range Psychiatry, we are thrilled to unveil our bespoke Free Range Concierge Program, meticulously crafted for clients seeking the epitome of personalized care.

✨ Immediate Attention, Lasting Support ✨

Experience unparalleled service with our commitment to seeing you for your initial appointment within 24 hours. We address your immediate concerns promptly and seamlessly transition you into our esteemed Free Range Concierge Program for future access.

🔹 VIP Treatment at Your Fingertips 🔹

As a Concierge Program Client, luxuriate in priority booking privileges ensuring you are never kept waiting. Delight in swift responses and expert guidance through a private Voxer (walkie-talkie style) chat with your dedicated holistic psychiatrist, promising a customized response within 24 hours, often sooner.

💉IV NAD+ In Your Home💉

Discover a revolutionary approach to treat withdrawal symptoms and speed up your psych med taper with IV NAD+. As part of our Concierge Program, we offer this innovative therapy at your convenience through our mobile service. Your psychiatrist will travel to you for a customized taper under medical supervision and support.

💼 Enhance Your Care Experience 💼

Tailored for discerning clients in pursuit of a top-tier journey towards wellness, our program ensures exclusive access to an on-demand doctor experience. The hourly rate for this premium service is billed at $1,200, guaranteeing unwavering support every step of the way.

🌿 Begin Your Healing Journey with Us 🌿

Your concierge psychiatrist will stand by you, offering steadfast support and personalized care as you navigate your path to healing, ensuring a seamless and transformative experience.


Live Chat Service


🌟 Introducing Our Exclusive Live Chat Service 🌟

Embark on a personalized journey with our bespoke Live Chat Service, designed exclusively for our valued existing clients.

Instant Support, Tailored Guidance

Seize the moment with our rapid responses, ensuring you’re heard within 24-48 hours, often quicker. Experience expert advice and personalized recommendations right at your fingertips via the walkie-talkie style Voxer app, with the hourly rate for this premium service set at $1,000, guaranteeing unwavering support every step of the way.

🔹 Your Private Doctor On Call 🔹

Enjoy the luxury of a private Voxer chat with your dedicated psychiatrist, providing swift and customized support whenever you need it.

Elevate your support system today with our exclusive Live Chat Service, where personalized care meets convenience!


Health Insurance

Free Range Psychiatry is not in-network with any health insurance providers. You can read more about why we chose this model here. All of our psychiatrists are “out-of-network providers” and hence you may be able to get up to 90% of our fees reimbursed by your insurance. We can provide you with a form to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. In addition, you may use your FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account) to pay for our services, however you should contact your fund administrator to learn more about this option. Lastly, you may be able to include our fees as a medical expense as part of your itemized deductions on your tax return. You can learn more about all of these options here.