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“Where you stumble and fall, there you will find gold.” – Joseph Campbell

Does Lexapro Cause Weight Gain, Brain Zaps, Nausea, and Insomnia? What are Lexapro Withdrawal Symptoms and Timeline? Lexapro Alternatives? How to Wean Off, Get Off, and Stop Lexapro? We’ve Got Your Answers! Escitalopram Exposed!

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We see you. You’re wondering if the “antidepressant” Lexapro (AKA escitalopram) is causing your weight gain. Or maybe you have had nausea, insomnia, or sexual side effects since starting or stopping Lexapro? Plus, could Lexapro be giving you brain zaps? Does Lexapro really have serious withdrawal symptoms? They told you it was non-addicting, and yet you feel dependent? What is the withdrawal timeline? You feel worse than before you started taking Lexapro, and you aren’t sure [...]

Is Gabapentin Addictive? Can you get off Xanax? Exploring Psychiatry’s Darkest Secrets

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I recently sat down with Dr. Lisha Antiqua to explore the inconvenient truths of modern psychiatry–and what you can do to thrive despite them. In this podcast episode, I answer: Do psychiatrists want you to feel disconnected and numb? How can psych drugs make trauma worse? Do psychiatrists really get paid by pharmaceutical companies? Are psychiatrists even trained in treating trauma? Why is gabapentin the hot drug right now, and is it addictive? What do [...]

Ice Baths For Depression?! The Only Brain Zap This Holistic Psychiatrist Wholeheartedly Recommends

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Can ice baths be used as an alternative treatment for depression? Can a brain zap ever be therapeutic (and not just a horrendous side effect of SSRIs?) As a holistic psychiatrist on a mission to understand alternative avenues of healing, I prefer to immerse myself first-hand in potential treatments before recommending them to my patients. With this in mind, I recently took the plunge into an ice bath–and I can definitively say the experience was [...]

Free Range Help Needed

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I am currently in search of one fabulous human being to help Free Range as a web designer/developer, and for marketing and social media. The deets: - Hourly pay as a 1099 contractor - Fully "free range" - totally virtual - You make your own schedule - 10-20 hours per week (possibly more) Things that you would be helping with: - Re-designing and migrating our existing website from Wordpress to Kajabi - Helping to build [...]

How I Stopped Prescribing and Started Healing

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In my recent interview, I spoke with author R. L. Kramer about my journey from prescribing neurotoxic medications in an emergency room in New York City to launching my own holistic practice where I take people off of medications instead. R. L. has a book coming out soon, "Hocus Focus: Coming of Age with ADD and its medicines." You can pre-order a copy here. Watch our discussion to discover the truth about psychiatric medication and [...]

From Suicidal to Living Your Dreams

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I went from being a suicidal, sick doctor on 20 different medications to living the life of my dreams. I put down my prescription pad and started helping people holistically heal their physical and mental health issues and get off the merry-go-round of taking toxic pills. Listen to my story and me sharing the truths about the dangers of psych meds in this podcast episode with Lauren Abrams from 52 Weeks of Hope. I also [...]


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