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“Where you stumble and fall, there you will find gold.” – Joseph Campbell

How I Became a Psychiatrist Who Doesn’t Prescribe Medications

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My first experience in psychiatry was actually as a psychiatric technician at a state psychiatric hospital. I worked on a unit with extremely acute and many times agitated patients. As a psych tech, I spent a lot of time one on one with my patients and really got to know them well. I would see the psychiatrist come by for maybe 30 seconds to a minute and ask a few questions and then make a [...]

We’ve Been Fooled Into Believing Antidepressants Work

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Science had their pants pulled down and their genitals exposed. Last week, a huge study was released that definitively disproved the chemical imbalance theory of depression and a large investigation found that one of the most important findings in Alzheimer’s research was based on fabricated images. Sadly, as a medical doctor and scientist, none of this surprises me. Many people believe that if they see something in a scientific study, then it’s a fact. The [...]

I Owe Everyone an Apology

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A landmark study was released two days ago that definitively found that there is no chemical imbalance that causes depression. We also know that there is no chemical imbalance that causes any mental illness. I’m on various psychiatry forums and I’ve been watching everyone’s response to this study coming out. What I have seen has deeply disturbed me. Almost all of the psychiatrists are saying “we never thought there was a chemical imbalance and we [...]

Are You My Special Patient? (From a Holistic Psychiatrist)

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Hello there, My name is Dr. Kendra Campbell and I'm a holistic psychiatrist and founder of Free Range Psychiatry. I am seeking a match with a special patient somewhere out there in the universe. You might be my special patient if: You are looking to avoid or get off of psychiatric medications. You are sick and tired of giving your power away and are ready to take back your health and your power. You have [...]

Your Hormones Might Be Your Problem

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If you were born with ovaries and a uterus and you have anxiety, depression, ADHD or any other mental health problem, I want you to know that your symptoms are very likely caused by a hormone imbalance. We know that at least 80% of women suffer from some type of hormonal imbalance, and this almost always causes mental health problems. I suffered for most of my life with disabling period pain, bloating, irritability, anxiety and [...]

10 Causes of OCD that Your Doctor Missed

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The mainstream pharmaceutical narrative is that OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a chronic mental illness that requires medication for life. This is actually quite inaccurate and it is possible to treat and even cure OCD without medications. OCD always has a root cause and if it’s treated, the symptoms will disappear without using neurotoxic drugs. Here are 10 causes of OCD: 1) Neuroinflammation. This is essentially the cause behind all other causes. 2) PANS/PANDAS. These are [...]


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