I recently sat down with Dr. Lisha Antiqua to explore the inconvenient truths of modern psychiatry–and what you can do to thrive despite them.

In this podcast episode, I answer:

  • Do psychiatrists want you to feel disconnected and numb?
  • How can psych drugs make trauma worse?
  • Do psychiatrists really get paid by pharmaceutical companies?
  • Are psychiatrists even trained in treating trauma?
  • Why is gabapentin the hot drug right now, and is it addictive?
  • What do gabapentin, Xanax, and other psych meds really do to the body?
  • How is medication dependence, withdrawal, and tolerance weaponized against patients?
  • How long does it take to get off psych meds like Xanax, and how can someone prepare for it?
  • And more!
    Listen here 💚