PSYCHIATRIA – Empowerment and Healing through Buti Yoga with Danea Mather, RYT 200


The practice of buti yoga is one that had an unexpected impact on me. This engaging, empowering practice is one of the first things I chose to do knowing that I would feel awkward, oh-so-challenged, and likely embarrassed. My first class left me with that blissful kind of exhaustion you don't find very often. The [...]

PSYCHIATRIA – Empowerment and Healing through Buti Yoga with Danea Mather, RYT 2002021-07-02T12:41:01+00:00

PSYCHIATRIA – Dr. Ruta Nene: Empathy, Identity & Practices


In the latest episode of Psychiatria, I chat with Free Range’s own Dr. Ruta Nene. We discuss practices that have evolved with her through life, and how they influenced her journey into psychiatry and eventually holistic psychiatry. She shares her experiences as an empathic child of Indian immigrants, early exposure to an integrative mindset, and [...]

PSYCHIATRIA – Dr. Ruta Nene: Empathy, Identity & Practices2021-06-14T00:23:57+00:00

I’m a 500 hour Yoga Teacher!


I'm insanely excited to announce that I just completed my 300 hour Spiritual Warrior Yoga Teacher training through Yoga Farm! Added to my previous 200 hour certification, this means I am now officially a 500 hour yoga teacher!! What does this mean for all of you? Well, I will soon be launching more kundalini yoga [...]

I’m a 500 hour Yoga Teacher!2021-06-07T13:03:32+00:00

Live Your Dharma


"When you combine your ability to express your unique talent with service to humanity, then you make full use of the Law of Dharma." - Deepak Choppra Dharma is a concept with multiple meanings in Indian religions but it essentially refers to the basic principles of cosmic or individual existence. Put another way, your dharma [...]

Live Your Dharma2021-04-26T12:14:31+00:00

Sole Heeling


We know that most things in life (relationships, houses, business ideas, etc.) need to be built on strong foundations in order to prosper. But what about the thing that actually does the living? Our bodies have a foundation, too… FEET! I’m a self-proclaimed foot nerd, though not a certified one (yes, that is a thing!). [...]

Sole Heeling2021-04-19T01:20:30+00:00

The Roots of Yoga


“New Age spirituality is often a potpourri of different belief systems sapped of historical and cultural significance.” - Kim Tran In an age of mass Western commercialization of sacred Eastern practices, it is more important than ever to truly understand and appreciate the roots of yoga. In doing so, we recall that yoga is a [...]

The Roots of Yoga2021-04-09T15:29:58+00:00

Dani’s Musings: Mind the Bubble


Especially after a year of “6 foot rules,” we’re all familiar with what a personal bubble, or “peripersonal space” is. It’s that intangible area that surrounds your body and differentiates you from everything else. It is what allows you to know when something, or someone, is too close, and helps you maintain an appropriate amount [...]

Dani’s Musings: Mind the Bubble2021-02-08T00:55:19+00:00
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