Dr. Kendra Campbell Blows the Whistle on Psychiatry


What a pleasure it was to spill the beans about mainstream psychiatry with Caitlin Pyle from the Missdiagnosed Podcast! Episode Notes: Dr. Kendra Campbell is a board-certified psychiatrist with a wealth of experience in mainstream psychiatry -- and she lived to tell about it! In this bombshell interview with Dr. Campbell, you'll get an inside [...]

Dr. Kendra Campbell Blows the Whistle on Psychiatry2023-03-10T14:51:02+00:00

The Scariest Person to Face is Ourselves


Not much is as inspiring to me than when a person works to help themselves. Even more than when they try to help someone else.... to truly do the work and be there for themselves... to sort themselves out so that they aren't suffering... that to me is truly supreme. More than trying to help [...]

The Scariest Person to Face is Ourselves2023-01-27T01:34:48+00:00

Why I No Longer Hate Being a Psychiatrist


What I find more and more in acting in the role of a psychiatrist is that I am reassuring people that their symptoms of "mental illness" are actually NORMAL HUMAN RESPONSES to the situations they were in and the conditioning that shaped their minds. Anxiety, panic, depression, OCD, often even mania & psychosis... when you [...]

Why I No Longer Hate Being a Psychiatrist2022-12-15T12:19:23+00:00

Are Your Medications Keeping You Sick?


I haven’t seen a doctor in 5 years and I’m healthier than I’ve ever been in my life. I didn’t realize it at the time, but all the medications I was taking weren’t keeping me well, they were keeping me sick. I have been diagnosed with so many conditions I can’t list them all here, [...]

Are Your Medications Keeping You Sick?2022-12-11T11:53:51+00:00

Your Crazy is Your Superpower


I’ve been called crazy since I was a young child. Many people have ridiculed and ostracized me for being and thinking differently. I’ve also been diagnosed with a variety of mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder. There were points in my life where I questioned and even hated my craziness. I felt the pressure to conform [...]

Your Crazy is Your Superpower2022-10-23T14:22:38+00:00

Get Dirty (for your health)


Y’all, I love dirt. I find it oddly comforting and grounding (pun intended). Not to mention the fact that the earth has tons of healing properties. A number of these come from the microbes that live in dirt, and others come from simply being in contact with the earth. Basically, it’s looking like having a [...]

Get Dirty (for your health)2022-08-15T12:37:33+00:00

Are You My Special Patient? (From a Holistic Psychiatrist)


Hello there, My name is Dr. Kendra Campbell and I'm a holistic psychiatrist and founder of Free Range Psychiatry. I am seeking a match with a special patient somewhere out there in the universe. You might be my special patient if: You are looking to avoid or get off of psychiatric medications. You are sick [...]

Are You My Special Patient? (From a Holistic Psychiatrist)2022-07-14T12:17:04+00:00

Your Hormones Might Be Your Problem


If you were born with ovaries and a uterus and you have anxiety, depression, ADHD or any other mental health problem, I want you to know that your symptoms are very likely caused by a hormone imbalance. We know that at least 80% of women suffer from some type of hormonal imbalance, and this almost [...]

Your Hormones Might Be Your Problem2022-07-11T10:56:49+00:00

10 Causes of OCD that Your Doctor Missed


The mainstream pharmaceutical narrative is that OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a chronic mental illness that requires medication for life. This is actually quite inaccurate and it is possible to treat and even cure OCD without medications. OCD always has a root cause and if it’s treated, the symptoms will disappear without using neurotoxic drugs. Here [...]

10 Causes of OCD that Your Doctor Missed2022-07-04T11:09:18+00:00

Bugs for your Brain – Managing your Microbiome for Mental Health


Your gut health and your mental health are intimately related, primarily due to the trillions of bacteria in your gut - your microbiome. You might’ve heard about “good” bacteria versus “bad” bacteria, but did you know that some strains have unique roles in mental health? These “psychobiotic” strains are key, and are just one more [...]

Bugs for your Brain – Managing your Microbiome for Mental Health2022-05-19T17:25:54+00:00
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