What I find more and more in acting in the role of a psychiatrist is that I am reassuring people that their symptoms of “mental illness” are actually NORMAL HUMAN RESPONSES to the situations they were in and the conditioning that shaped their minds.

Anxiety, panic, depression, OCD, often even mania & psychosis… when you really unpeel it… and actually listen to a person’s story… you can clearly see why that person developed mental dis-ease. And that it was essentially unavoidable in their circumstances.

In the traditional mental healthcare system in the West, the main thing people are offered is DRUGS for their distress. And this does not ultimately solve anything. It may abate symptoms for a while.. which can be a medication’s highest use.. but does not solve the fundamental problem. Eventually whatever caused that initial distress will STILL BE THERE.

It is this realization that has allowed me to actually enjoy my role as a psychiatrist whereas before I honestly hated it. Deep down I knew I wasn’t helping people with what they really needed by just giving a quick fix. But it was all I had.

Now I specialize in tapering people OFF psychiatric medications and by first-hand account I can say that long-term, continuous use of psych meds can cause a whole host of problems.

Remember how we finally had that ‘ah-ha’ moment about opiates? We will eventually societally come to that same ‘ah-ha’ moment about psych meds.

Now I join in a person’s odyssey in healing as a process of discovery, exploration, inquiry and growth. And it IS an odyssey of sorts… or journey of discovery… as to WHY you are feeling the way you feel and what can be done about it.

It is a 1000 times more fulfilling to be truly present with a human being and support her/his seeking peace, happiness and freedom than trying to fix them.

If you’re interested in joining me on your healing journey to come off psychiatric medications, book a free discovery call with me so we can get started.