Drugged: How Psychiatry Does More Harm Than Good


Most Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness and many will be prescribed a psychiatric medication. We are supposedly identifying and treating more and more mental illness, yet suicide rates and disability continue to rise. If medications are the cure for mental illness, why aren’t we getting better? The answer is staring us in [...]

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Join a Radical Healing Movement


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead Are you like I used to be? Do you feel stuck prescribing endless medications to people who rarely get much better and suffer from horrible side effects? Do you [...]

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PSYCHIATRIA – Brainspotting 101 with Dr. Melanie Young, PsyD


I’ve tried a lot of different types of therapies and holistic modalities over the years, but few have been as surprising as brainspotting. It’s so simple that it’s kind of difficult to believe that it actually works. On top of that, it’s one of those things that has more subtle, long-term effects versus results that [...]

PSYCHIATRIA – Brainspotting 101 with Dr. Melanie Young, PsyD2021-09-22T19:19:09+00:00

5 Reasons the Sun Should be Your Bestie


“my mother is pure radiance. she is the sun i can touch and kiss and hold without getting burnt.” ― Sanober Khan Every time I take my children to the pediatrician, I receive a lecture about the importance of keeping them out of the sun, lathering them head to toe in sunscreen and covering their [...]

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Psychiatry is the Cause, Not the Solution


I am thrilled to announce that my article was published by Mad in America, a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve as a catalyst for rethinking psychiatric care in the United States (and abroad). "Despite the details, the general theme is the same: someone starts having “psychiatric symptoms,” they are diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder and [...]

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What Do Tampons Have to Do With My Mood?


It may seem odd to you that a psychiatrist is talking to you about your tampons and pads. However, it's actually a very important topic, that most psychiatrists (and other doctors) rarely discuss. Unfortunately, most feminine care products are loaded with tons of toxic chemicals. Tampons can be the most dangerous because vaginas are actually [...]

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Heal Your Body, Free Your Mind


Psychiatric medications are being prescribed more than ever, suicide rates are skyrocketing, and mental disability is at an all time high. If medications are the cure, why aren't we getting better? Conventional psychiatrists spend very little time with patients and push toxic pills. Medications are frequently the problem. At Free Range Psychiatry, we help patient [...]

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What is a Free Range Psychiatrist?


You have probably heard the words "integrative," "functional" and "holistic" being used to describe various medical practices. In general, the idea is that these are all different words to describe an alternative to "conventional" medicine, which focuses almost exclusively on medication based treatments. At Free Range, we prefer to use the term "holistic" to describe [...]

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Marie Shares Her Story


We are very excited to announce that we are starting a new series at Free Range Psychiatry where patients will be sharing their stories. Our first patient story comes from Marie. In the video below, Marie talks about her mental health journey before and after finding Free Range Psychiatry. A huge thanks to Marie for [...]

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Are We Drug Dealers or Soul Healers?


Psychiatry doesn’t have the most pristine track record. Although our intent has always been to help, throughout our history we have had some unfortunate views of what that help should look like. You might be surprised to learn that the Latin root of “psychiatry,” psychiatria, literally translates to “a healing of the soul.” However, what [...]

Are We Drug Dealers or Soul Healers?2021-03-12T18:25:43+00:00
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