Get Dirty (for your health)


Y’all, I love dirt. I find it oddly comforting and grounding (pun intended). Not to mention the fact that the earth has tons of healing properties. A number of these come from the microbes that live in dirt, and others come from simply being in contact with the earth. Basically, it’s looking like having a [...]

Get Dirty (for your health)2022-08-15T12:37:33+00:00

10 Causes of OCD that Your Doctor Missed


The mainstream pharmaceutical narrative is that OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a chronic mental illness that requires medication for life. This is actually quite inaccurate and it is possible to treat and even cure OCD without medications. OCD always has a root cause and if it’s treated, the symptoms will disappear without using neurotoxic drugs. Here [...]

10 Causes of OCD that Your Doctor Missed2022-07-04T11:09:18+00:00

The Truth About Detoxing


“Detox” has become a buzzword these days. We are told that we need to do juice cleanses, take special supplements, and do any other myriad of things in order to rid our bodies of toxic substances. In actuality, some of these practices might support detoxification but others can be harmful. The truth is that your [...]

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Bugs for your Brain – Managing your Microbiome for Mental Health


Your gut health and your mental health are intimately related, primarily due to the trillions of bacteria in your gut - your microbiome. You might’ve heard about “good” bacteria versus “bad” bacteria, but did you know that some strains have unique roles in mental health? These “psychobiotic” strains are key, and are just one more [...]

Bugs for your Brain – Managing your Microbiome for Mental Health2022-05-19T17:25:54+00:00

Probiotics: How to Get Started


Did you know that your body is currently home to trillions of bacterial cells? These little bugs make up your microbiome and actually play a HUGE role in your mental health. In fact, we know that you can Heal Your Gut to Heal Your Brain and that probiotics are key players in this process. However, [...]

Probiotics: How to Get Started2022-05-12T16:04:26+00:00
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