Dr. Campbell on The Rehab Podcast


"Dr. Kendra Campbell is the founder of Free Range Psychiatry, an organization that believes in the potential for human beings to thrive without the need for psychiatric medications. Imagine going to the psychiatrist and not getting a prescription for an antidepressant, antipsychotic, or antianxiety medication. It’s almost unheard of. Free Range is different. The doctors [...]

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Probiotics: How to Get Started


Did you know that your body is currently home to trillions of bacterial cells? These little bugs make up your microbiome and actually play a HUGE role in your mental health. In fact, we know that you can Heal Your Gut to Heal Your Brain and that probiotics are key players in this process. However, [...]

Probiotics: How to Get Started2022-05-12T16:04:26+00:00

Heal Your Gut to Heal Your Brain


It might be surprising to you that your gut health and your mental health are actually quite closely related. In fact, I could even argue that they are the same thing. The science out there surrounding the mind-gut connection is growing by the day. So far we’ve learned that your gut produces around 95% of [...]

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PSYCHIATRIA – Why Health Coaching?


In the latest episode of Psychiatria, I explore how I became a health coach. When I think about it, a holistic psychiatry practice is an interesting place to begin practicing as a health coach. Oftentimes, people come here seeking, sometimes urgent, medical support. They might be struggling with their psych meds and want help getting [...]

PSYCHIATRIA – Why Health Coaching?2022-04-24T00:26:54+00:00

Drugged: How Psychiatry Does More Harm Than Good


Most Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness and many will be prescribed a psychiatric medication. We are supposedly identifying and treating more and more mental illness, yet suicide rates and disability continue to rise. If medications are the cure for mental illness, why aren’t we getting better? The answer is staring us in [...]

Drugged: How Psychiatry Does More Harm Than Good2022-03-29T13:15:31+00:00

Join a Radical Healing Movement


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead Are you like I used to be? Do you feel stuck prescribing endless medications to people who rarely get much better and suffer from horrible side effects? Do you [...]

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The Power of Intention


We’ve all heard about the incredible power of human thought. Perhaps you’ve even gotten curious about how your thoughts affect your lived experience. Maybe, in a difficult situation, you’ve asked other people to send you thoughts, or prayers, or love. And if you’ve been in the presence of such people as they expressed their intentions [...]

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Sit Down and Shut Up


"Children should be seen and not heard." - Old English Proverb We are very good at telling our children "no" and "don't." In fact, it is the daily mantra for almost all parents and caregivers. As my children played at a playground yesterday, I witnessed at least 30 instances of children being told what not [...]

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Psychiatry Has Declared War on Being Human


“Grieving doesn't make you imperfect. It makes you human.” ― Sarah Dessen According to the latest edition of the DSM-5-TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the "psychiatric bible" of diagnoses), if you grieve the death of your child for 366 days, you have a disorder. The new diagnosis of "prolonged grief disorder" is the latest attack [...]

Psychiatry Has Declared War on Being Human2022-02-13T18:56:38+00:00
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