Psychiatric medications can lead to a physiological dependence that causes torturous and horrendous withdrawal symptoms – an experience that countless people describe as the worst of their lives. It’s critical to understand that these symptoms can masquerade as the original illness or distress, making the process even more challenging.

I recently had  a powerful conversation about psychiatric medications with Michelle Reittinger from My Upside of Down.  We dove into the world of holistic psychiatry, discussed the process of tapering psychiatric medications, and explored the exhausting cycle of medication changes. Watch the full video below and join us on a journey towards a more inclusive and empowering approach to mental health.

Do you wish to break free from the never-ending cycle of psychiatric medication, but feel trapped and unheard by most doctors? It’s frustrating when your worries are dismissed or withdrawal symptoms aren’t acknowledged.

Are you tired of being stuck on the medication merry-go-round? It takes courage and dedication to face yourself and overcome this cycle, but it’s worth it. I only have a few spots open for new clients who are ready to make a change. If you’re ready to take the first step, let’s hop on a discovery call and get started on the path to healing.