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“Where you stumble and fall, there you will find gold.” – Joseph Campbell

The Scariest Person to Face is Ourselves

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Not much is as inspiring to me than when a person works to help themselves. Even more than when they try to help someone else.... to truly do the work and be there for themselves... to sort themselves out so that they aren't suffering... that to me is truly supreme. More than trying to help someone else... to help oneself is, I feel, the essential gift one can give to others around them. The scariest [...]

5 Signs That You’ve Been Psychiatrized

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Psychiatry, the DSM and psychiatric medications have become a dangerous cult. I'm a holistic psychiatrist and I’ve worked in psychiatry for over two decades. I'm board certified in psychiatry and neurology and have treated thousands of patients. I  have always been critical of psychiatry and fully woke up to the truth about 6 years ago. I know these three things to be true: Psychiatric diagnoses are not real. Psychiatric medications do not treat mental illness. [...]

Your Freedom From Psych Meds

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You are the blueprint for your healing journey in life. I can never know exactly what is going to work for a person that comes to see me as a patient. I have a lot of knowledge, information and resources about mental health that I can offer but I can never know exactly what the path of healing or well-being is going to be for that individual person. Because it is going to look different [...]

Why I No Longer Hate Being a Psychiatrist

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What I find more and more in acting in the role of a psychiatrist is that I am reassuring people that their symptoms of "mental illness" are actually NORMAL HUMAN RESPONSES to the situations they were in and the conditioning that shaped their minds. Anxiety, panic, depression, OCD, often even mania & psychosis... when you really unpeel it... and actually listen to a person's story... you can clearly see why that person developed mental dis-ease. [...]

Are Your Medications Keeping You Sick?

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I haven’t seen a doctor in 5 years and I’m healthier than I’ve ever been in my life. I didn’t realize it at the time, but all the medications I was taking weren’t keeping me well, they were keeping me sick. I have been diagnosed with so many conditions I can’t list them all here, but they include: endometriosis, ADHD, gastritis, bipolar disorder, neuropathy, anxiety, chronic pain, OCD and panic attacks. I currently take zero [...]

Your Crazy is Your Superpower

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I’ve been called crazy since I was a young child. Many people have ridiculed and ostracized me for being and thinking differently. I’ve also been diagnosed with a variety of mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder. There were points in my life where I questioned and even hated my craziness. I felt the pressure to conform to societal expectations of normalcy and appropriate behavior. At the age of 43, I’m happy to say that I’ve finally [...]


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