Psychiatry, the DSM and psychiatric medications have become a dangerous cult.
I’m a holistic psychiatrist and I’ve worked in psychiatry for over two decades. I’m board certified in psychiatry and neurology and have treated thousands of patients. I  have always been critical of psychiatry and fully woke up to the truth about 6 years ago.
I know these three things to be true:
Psychiatric diagnoses are not real.
Psychiatric medications do not treat mental illness.
It is always possible to heal.
Psychiatry has harmed millions of people and has caused untold pain and suffering. Here are 5 signs that you’ve been “psychiatrized:”
  1. You started with one psychiatric diagnosis and now have multiple.
  2. No one prescribing you meds ever tried to find the CAUSE of your symptoms.
  3.  You’re taking multiple psychiatric medications, including ones to treat the side effects of others.
  4. When you try to stop your medications, you get severe symptoms which are then blamed on your so called “mental illness” and used as proof that you need them.
  5. You’ve been told that you can’t heal from your mental illness and and that you need to take meds for life.

Since I woke up to the truth about psychiatry and medications, I have read thousands of studies and books on this topic. I was inspired to share everything that I learned and I have turned this information into a masterclass that’s now available for both clinicians and people with lived experience.

If you’ve always wanted to peak behind the curtains and know the real truth about psychiatry and medications, then this masterclass is for you! I even included a few of my favorite kundalini yoga kriyas. :)

This masterclass includes:

  • Module 1: The Psychiatric Epidemic
  • Module 2: The History of Psychiatry
  • Module 3: The Chemical Imbalance Myth

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