We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Campbell will now be offering a wide range of consultative services to anyone on the planet! She can provide consultations on pretty much any topic, but popular ones include:

Consulting for clinicians 

  • Learn how to develop integrative/holistic treatment plans for your patients/clients
  • Learn about drug-free alternatives to address symptoms or side effects to medications
  • Obtain guidance on safely titrating patients off of medications

Patient Consults

  • Discuss suggestions for drug-free approaches to healing your mental and emotional struggles
  • Obtain support and guidance on working with your physician to minimize or discontinue your psychiatric medications
  • Discuss potential root causes that may be causing or worsening your mental health symptoms

Telemedicine Consulting

  • Learn how to start or convert your practice into a telemedicine/telepsychiatry model
  • Learn how to create and maintain a 100% paperless practice
  • Help with navigating licensing, prescribing and telemedicine laws

Private Practice Consulting

  • Learn how to market yourself/your business and attract your ideal patients/clients
  • Obtain guidance on minimizing your overhead to 10% or less to reduce your hours and maximize profit
  • Learn how to drastically reduce your administrative burden and spend all your time actually seeing patients

Consulting for Non-Profits

  • Learn about the steps involved in forming a non-profit organization
  • Obtain guidance on growing a successful non-profit organization and earning a good salary
  • Find out how to get your student loans forgiven while working for your own non-profit organization

Learn more about Free Range Consultations with Dr. Campbell here!