Are you trying to quit your psychiatric medications but feeling hopeless and alone?

There is good news! You can now join our new support group for people who are coming off psychiatric medicationsPSYCH MED WARRIORS.

Stopping psychiatric medications isn’t easy. You may suffer from unbearable withdrawal symptoms including insomnia, irritability and fatigue.

You may feel completely alone during the process of medication withdrawal. Your family doesn’t get it. Your friends don’t get it. Your doctors don’t get it.

In this group, we get it.

Coming off psych meds is a battle. Come join your fellow warriors.

This group meets weekly on Thursdays at 7PM EST and is open to everyone – people still on psych meds, people coming off psych meds, people who have come off psych meds, and friends and family members who want to support their loved one in the process of medication withdrawal.

The group is hosted by holistic psychiatrist and Free Range Fellow, Dr. Ipar Demir.

We are so excited to be able to offer UNLIMITED ACCESS to ALL of our support groups for just $15/month. Our groups are open to ANYONE and EVERYONE age 18 and older. You do NOT have to be a Free Range Psychiatry patient to join! We welcome all humans who are interested in growth and healing.

SIGN UP TODAY to get our introductory price, which is only available for a limited time!

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